Jessica Victoria

From passport to identity!

The decision to relocate to America was a desire to find her identity.

Jessica Victoria found her new home of business and personal growth in the heart of Hinesville, Georgia. She enjoys and shares her life with her family, which consists of her husband Juan, daughters Jalisa and Jamie. Jessica decided four years ago to move to the USA where she used her passport that ensured her journey to new adventures.

Jessica is new to the Real Estate business, but she “played successfully in the big leagues” by having had the opportunity to engage in business strategies for Fortune 500 employers. Jessica enjoyed the advantage of the training provided by Fortune 500 companies for 20 years, where she appreciated being a part of something that prepared her for Real Estate professionally, fiscally, and mentally.

Jessica Victoria has been in the Real Estate business for four years now, and her dedication, perseverance, and honesty sets her apart. Also, Jessica is not only a REALTOR® but also a property-owner, and Real Estate Investor which gives her clients the advantage of being represented by someone who knows what it means to buy the ideal property. Jessica understands what it is like to stand in her clients’ shoes. Relocating is a first-hand perspective of Jessica’s personal story, and because of that, she developed a sensitivity towards her clients’ journey.

Ever since Jessica was exposed to Real Estate, she developed a keen aptitude stemming from her sincere interest, knowledge, and experience. Jessica makes every home buying process a pleasure.

Jessica identifies herself as a REALTOR® that is always accepting, regardless of the situation. Jessica relocated from Germany and lives in a household with different cultural backgrounds. She is also open-minded to any suggestions, and her personality lets her be the independent and honest person that the real estate business needs.

In Jessica, you will find a real estate agent that will listen to your needs, give you honest feedback, and help you achieve the goals you set for your home-buying journey.

Jessica’s passport set off her dream, and now she wants to help you fulfill your vision by becoming the most satisfied homeowner ever.

Jessica wants to identify herself as a REALTOR® that builds her success upon her clients’ success.